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Some editing has been applied for clarity. With us as our special guest today is a Dublin native who has been living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the past few decades. September We’ll be in attendance at the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival. The matchmakers of old would attend street fairs, getting to know the farmers with eligible sons and daughters around the country, and the traditions carry through to present day. The product is pursuing a strategy that focuses on a trendy model for the matchmaking industry. A concept packaged with culture, history, vacation and romance. The program is affordable. The Falls Hotel is a lovely place to sleep surrounded by a waterfall.

Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

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October 16, · AM UTC. By Corinne Purtill. Credit: Corinne Purtill. Share​. This is the busiest time of year for the fourth-generation matchmaker, who his tiny west coast village has hosted the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival.

With the town festooned with banners and flags, the month of September here is devoted to any and all ages who are looking for love in Lisdoonvarna, be it a farmer from Offally or a city girl from Boston. The local population barely reaches during the rest of the year, but there are at least 20, visitors who swing through this town perched between the west coast and the lunar landscape of the Burren to the east in September.

Scattered on a block-long stretch, there are a half-dozen venues, including a disco on weekends especially popular with the younger set , where crowds dance, drink, flirt, and have fun all day and all night until the wee hours. It is said that most of the marriage proposals occur between 3 and 6 a. Much of the tradition can be traced to Willie Daly, 72, the so-called Last Matchmaker of Ireland, a local horseman and musician who carries with him a year-old leather bound logbook of handwritten entries and scraps of names and addresses tied together with a cord.

Just like his father and grandfather before him, the lovelorn seek him out to make matches and advise them on all matters of love during the month when the harvest is over and the farmers are freed up to find wives. There are a huge amount of bachelors in the west of Ireland. And a certain amount of American men come and are successful as well. Irish girls are fantastic — full of fun and great characters and traditionally they get on like a cow in a cock of hay.

The couple went on to have nine children.

Lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival: 40,000 singletons will descend on Co Clare

Is it just like any other bar scene — see someone you want to talk to, strike up a conversation and maybe ask to dance at some point?? Also, I’ve heard the live music might be country western – am I hoping too much to expect live Irish music? Hoping for some input, and thank you for reading.

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The Outing Lisdoonvarna LGBT Matchmaking & Music Festival – Friday Ticket

And for just the second year in its history, the festival is including a weekend for the LGBT community called the Outing Lisdoonvarna. The north Clare farmer said that he is now ready to bring together new couples at the Outing, and added that he expects this festival to be a bumper year for getting couples hitched. Willie says that he is now looking to pass on his matchmaking skills to his five daughters and two sons who he help him out with out the festival, and although he is separated, he says that people should never stop looking for love.

The opportunity is there to meet someone. The year-old festival kicked off yesterday Fri and love will be in the air in the Clare town for over a month until October 5 while the Outing will run from October 3 to October 5. By Paul O’Donoghue.

The Lisdoonvarna love guru told The Champion that the extraordinary times we are expected to attend the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival this month, one and the French Riviera in Lonely Planet’s top 52 travel resolutions for

Willie Daly, the country’s most famous love doctor, is preparing to introduce hundreds of couples at the annual matchmaking festival , which kicks off on August Back in , speaking ahead of the four-week Co. Clare love fest, the third-generation matchmaker said he believes his old-fashioned methods offer a far better chance for singletons to find lasting romance than dating sites and high-tech apps.

The charismatic, silver-bearded year-old, who still insists on being present to introduce couples on their first date, said: “I don’t go near the internet myself and I’m certain the old way of matchmaking is far better than any computer. The best part of it is when I introduce a couple for the first time. I’ll sit down with them, introduce them and maybe have a cup of tea.

I’m there to stop any awkward moments and I can usually see straight away if there’s a spark there and if it’s going to work out.

Matchmaking Festival – Lisdoonvarna Forum

Click here for a list of upcoming gigs. Thursday 27 October Belleville Hot Club. For details on the exciting and varied programme, please have a look at the poster! Shanties and other folk songs from France and beyond – sung in the intimate and cosy environment of the Roadside Tavern!

Matchmaking festival lisdoonvarna We dont forget why youre at this year an hour away whether youre lucky book withboth hands, youll be had a chance.

September 1, in Ireland , Traveling in Ireland Permalink. September is chock-full of festivals and events as Ireland strives to enjoy the last of the pleasant summer weather. Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare — August 29 — October 5, The modern matchmaking festival features six weeks of music, entertainment, and opportunities for those seeking romance to mix and mingle in the heart of Co.

Clifden, Co. Galway — September , A new festival pledging to bring the best new Irish film and television to a wider audience.


April 12, Comments Off on Love still blooming in a time of lock-down. LOVE in a time of lock-down is still continuing to flourish, with many prospective couples using old-fashioned methods to get acquainted, according to match-maker Willie Daly. The Lisdoonvarna love guru told The Champion that the extraordinary times we are living through have seen a surge in the number of people putting romance to the top of their post lock-down priority lists. September 30, Comments Off on 70 years looking for love in Lisdoon.

Ninety-two-year-old Mick Burke, a sheep farmer from Borrislea in County Tipperary, first came to Lisdoonvarna with his mother in After that I was hooked and have been coming back every year since, still hopeful I will meet someone.

OUTING. LGBT Matchmaking & Music Festival. LISDOONVARNA, CO, CLARE, IRELAND. 3d – OCTOBER Music, Céilí, Dancing, Blind Date, Comedians.

Travel Tales, Tips, and Pics. On my trip to Ireland, I discovered a town called Lisdoonvarna. Would I have any luck in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland, finding my match? It must be time for the magic potion. Most people know, I am a single, solo traveler. I travel solo because it is hard to find someone who wants to travel when I can go. Or if they can go with me, they change their minds and decide not to go at the last minute.

My problem or experience is not uncommon. Lots of people tell me they face the same challenges. Waiting for someone to make up their mind, or to come out to play is very frustrating.

Ireland’s Gay Matchmaking Festival: The Outing, Lisdoonvarna, October 3-6

Fourth lisdoonvarna matchmaker, Willie Daly, will be in demand during the festival. He has set up around 3, marriages in the past 45 years. He said:. It was held for the first time last year and was deemed a huge success. After last year, Lisdoonvarna residents and local business owners voiced their enthusiasm for what lisdoonvarna see as a new on the generations-old festival.

Speaking about The Matchmaking Lisdoonvarna, Willie Daly said that he feels ready to bring some new couples love again this year.

The famous Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival will have a celebrity Kellie Maloney arriving to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house in

County Clare Events Calendar. The Burrenbeo Trust winter talk series is about to get festive! We are delighted to open the floor for music and tales from within the Burren. This will be in the cosy Tubber Hall around the burning stove. Eugene has collected tunes from around the Burren for decades. Eugene is a passionate boats man and musician. Eugene and friends will lead the session on December 17th they are happy to open up the floor to anyone that wishes to tell a Burren story or has a Burren tune.

This talk is open to everyone to participate and listen. For more information please email trust burrenbeo. There will be potato dishes that reflects the global nature the SPUD project. This is an open invitation to invite participants to join in making the X SPUD temporary famine memorial in the Burren in

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