AlunaGeorge star Aluna Francis claims she was sexually assaulted by collaborator

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AlunaGeorge singer Aluna Francis breaks the mold

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There has to be something for people to latch onto, so even though AlunaGeorge has always experimented with strange electronic elements in.

When Francis would visit Reid’s bedroom to write, she often pared down opinions on her friend’s dating lives — why she was right and these douchebags were wrong — to sticky sweet hooks. Some songs on Body Music are pretty sassy. Were there personal experiences that inspired them? Aluna: Well, most of them are people stories, but it’s from the perspective of — when someone’s telling you something, telling you a personal experience and you kind of want to jump in with, like, “He’s talking shit to you!

Get rid of him,” blah blah, but you need to hold back on those kind of thoughts or you will send someone in the wrong direction or talk all over what they’re trying to tell you. I tended to put that in a song, instead of make these strong responses to someone else’s story. Aluna: “Attracting Flies” was definitely like that. What else? Just the other day I was just saying to a friend, “Don’t get back on the horse yet. You’re on the rebound, and you’re going to get yourself into trouble.

You’re going to crawl up on some douchebag immediately, and you’re in a spongy kind of state. You’re in that soft and spongy kind of state, and you have to look out for yourself and stop yourself before you’re falling off with the nearest douchebag. What are your relationship statuses?

Aluna of AlunaGeorge Reveals Debut Solo Single “Body Pump”: Stream

Search Search. Menu Sections. Ed Power Email. A striking pop singer with legs stretching into next week and a pasty dude in a hoodie, Aluna Francis and George Reid are the quintessential musical odd couple.

Check out AlunaGeorge at #DoStuffAtHome in on May 13, and get They met in , when Reid remixed a track by Francis’ group My.

Petersburg, Russian Federation. They had similar influences and a similar work ethic. It peaked at No. It charted on an international level in eight countries, either side of the Atlantic. As a frequent concert goer in Portland, I was surprised that there was no wait for doors to open at 7. Naturally, my friend and I waited it out and were able to get to the front row. It was a little bit upsetting that the opener, Kiiara, apparently was changed out the last minute to another act.

What I think was inconsiderate was that the venue never actually sent out an email saying that Kiiara had cancelled. Besides that, the opening act was alright. Talented, but somewhat forgettable. Kiiara would have been a little more up our alleys, but c’est la vie.

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When Francis would visit Reid’s bedroom to write, she often pared down opinions on her friend Then, later in December, the BBC announced that the duo had also been nominated for the Sound of poll, in which they finished in second place. A big proportion alunageorge dating that, has been implicated by the changes in Read more. They had similar influences and a similar work ethic. Aluna Francis, 24, prods at a takeaway tub from a local veggie place, forking up everything except unfancied chunks of beetroot.

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A big proportion alunageorge dating that, has been implicated by the changes in Read more. They had similar influences and a similar work ethic. Aluna Francis.

Even so, Francis believes her American fans still “don’t know who I am,” she says. All of that will be proven with our new album. What came from that were pieces of music we enjoyed, but there was no genre for that. The average music consumer doesn’t have time to absorb new sounds, so that’s why Body Music was very much for people looking to to be surprised or invest in something they hadn’t heard before.

This time around, Francis says she’s adopted the mindset that music can’t just be weird — it also has to “make sense. Instead, “you have to get to the bottom of what you’re feeling and simplify it,” Francis adds. If I didn’t work it out, I’d go mad. But when you’re trying to share that feeling with other people, you must remember you’re writing a song — something that’s supposed to transcend people and grab their attention in three minutes to uplift them and take them on a journey.

If you can add humor to a sad moment, you get a much fuller representation of the human condition.

Five things you didn’t know about AlunaGeorge

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AlunaGeorge: on first name terms

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